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July- Lubker Gallery and B.H. Gehringer Gallery: FAAA All Members’ Exhibition ( local artists )

An FAAA All-Star Lineup of Local Artists

July FAAA 2015The College World Series may be complete, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a lineup of phenomenal art! This month, we celebrate US: (Okay, we’ll begin with the United States on July 4th), and continue with”us”–the Members of the Fremont Area Art Association! Both of our main floor galleries will showcase original work created by our member artists.

As a whole, we are a group of creative characters who celebrate the Art of Making Art. Individually, we work in acrylic, airbrosh, clay, glass, fiber, found objects, pastels, paper, pencil, pen & ink, photography, prints, watercolor, wood and more. This is truly a Mixed Media Showcase!

In the spirit of our mission: promoting visual art culture and education– somwill show their creations formally for the very first time; others are seasoned professionals. Everyone has been invited and encouraged to participate. The show has historically been a visible interpretation of who we are as an organization and we are proud of all of our participating artists.

Together with our many non-artist members, we applaud our friends and neighbors and offer a visual feast for the whole community to enjoy.

Please join us in celebrating our local artists during this month’s Artists’ Reception on Friday, July 10th from 5-7pm.

 Loft Artist of the Month: Sara Sumnick-Wamsat (Mixed Media)

The Reception for the July Shows will be held Friday July 10, 5-7pm

Jun 03

June- Lubker Gallery: Abby Jensen (Wildlife Photography)

Lubker Gallery takes a walk on the wild side

11354610_10204115302674175_1372958213_oAbby Jensen of Blair has become quite an accomplished photographer over the years.

Abby’s early days in photography began as hobby but bloomed into a passion and finally a carefully crafted profession. Through Jensen Photography, Abby has developed a honed eye for stunning landscape photography accurately catching a wide array of locations including the best of the American Midwest, the plains of Kenya and the lush regions of Peru.

11332859_10204115303194188_1811850276_oIn addition to a talented eye, Abby brings an extraordinary amount of patience to her work, waiting for hours to capture the perfect shot. This patience is evident in the many images capturing animals in their most natural repose.

A natural talent for capturing the beauty of the world’s animals is evident in much of Abby’s work, but shines no brighter than in her work with horses. In fact, in her younger day, Jensen was banned from photographing competitive events as her work was considered to be competition to the official photographers!

Abby has more than 20 years of experience in landscape photography. Her work has been published in publications such as NebraskaLand Magazine and the Lincoln Journal Star.

B.H. Gehringer Gallery: Linda Meigs “Farm Series” (Photography)

11348560_10204115305354242_1942192752_oThe farmland of Linda Meigs’ grandparents and great grandparents inspired this series of black and white photographs. The exhibit evolved from a series of paintings that explored a specific section of accretion land along the Platte River near Grand Island, in central Nebraska. Affectionately called simply “The Farm,” the images evoke far more than a random farmhouse, barn, and plot of carefully tilled land. Heritage, roots and generations of memories convene in the extraordinary telling of what Meigs calls “an everyday farm-story.”

11327838_10204115304674225_1384252600_oMost days from Memorial Day to Labor Day, Omaha Artist, Linda Meigs, also known as “The Mill Lady,” can be found in her studio and gallery in the historic Winter Quarters/Florence Mill. Meigs purchased the 150 year old piece of history so its spirit and legacy could live on. Linda will be here to talk about her work, and the Mill, at the June 3rd Thursday Luncheon.

ANAC Exhibit arrives at Gallery mid-June

Directly from the State Conference in Columbus, the 2015-16 ANAC Traveling Show will be featured in the BHGehringer Gallery from June 14-July 5. Chosen as the “Best of the Best,” the ANAC show represents work from Art Clubs across the state. be sure to catch this exceptional exhibit before it makes its way west!

 Loft Artist of the Month: Patty Wilson (Acyrilic Paintings)

The Reception for the June Shows will be held June 12, 5-7pm

Apr 30

May- Lubker Gallery: Sheldon Statewide Traveling Exhibit (Mixed Media)

Art for all Seasons

sheldon_15April showers bring May flowers, so it’s only natural that Gallery 92 West’s May exhibit is entitled “Depicting Nature: From the Scientific to the Sublime.” We are proud to host the 28th annual Sheldon Statewide exhibition May 8 – June 9 in the Lubker Gallery. The reception for this show will be held Friday, May 8, from 5 to 7pm.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Sheldon Museum of Art shares its collection of American art throughout the state with this traveling exhibit program. The Sheldon describes this year’s works, a collection spanning 150 years, ranging from early botanical studies and Impressionist landscapes to contemporary photographs, as presenting unique and diverse interpretations of the natural environment. From Albert Bierstadt’s “American Eden” depiction of majestic landscapes and William Sharp’s detailed chromolithograph portrayal of a blooming plant to the colorful paintings of Robert Guilder and Willard LeRoy Metcalf and the beautiful photographs by Imogen Cunningham and Edward Weston, these works invite us to explore the diverse approaches artists have used to capture the beauty in nature. In addition, the display will include contemporary artists Seiko Tachibana and Doug and Mike Starn, who, the museum states, examine how science and technology enable us to view the natural world.

We are excited that Gallery 92 West was selected as one of the venues to host this year’s Sheldon Statewide exhibit. This outreach program is made possible by the generous support of the Sheldon Art Association, Nebraska Arts Council and Nebraska Cultural Endowment, Farmers Mutual Insurance of Nebraska and James and Rhonda Seacrest. Your support of our various fundraising efforts have helped us cover the host-site fee for us to bring this month long exhibit and associated educational materials to our community. We have applied for the opportunity to bring the Sheldon Statewide exhibit to Fremont again next year. (Sponsorship offers will be graciously accepted.)

Painter Marc Chagall once said “Great art picks up where nature ends.” Artists have forever had a fascination with the creations in the natural world. Naturally, it’s fabulous to be able to view their creations depicting this beauty – right here in our neighborhood!

B.H. Gehringer Gallery: Fremont Public School Grades 5 – 8 Select Show

fms_may_15The Fremont Public School Grades 5 – 8 Select Show will be featured in the B.H. Gehringer gallery through May 17th. Art Teachers, Axton Kahler, Andrea Rockemann, and Geoff Semrad have chosen works representing the highest achievements of our local middle school student artists. The Artist’s Reception for this show will be held Sunday, May 3rd from 1 to 2 pm. Awards will be presented for best works from each grade level at 1:45pm. Physicist Albert Einstein stated that “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” We welcome the student artists, their teachers and families to enjoy both exhibits this month!

ALSO: Starting May 18th and running through June, in the B.H. Gehringer Gallery, will be the photography of Linda Meigs, themed, “Farm Series.”

 Loft Artist of the Month: Pam Hynek (Paintings)

The Reception for the FPS Select Show (grades 5-8) will be Sunday May 3rd from 1-2 pm. 

The Reception for the Sheldon Traveling Exhibit will be Friday, May 8th from 5-7pm

Mar 31

April- Lubker AND B.H. Gehringer Gallery: ANAC Selection Show

ANAC Selection Show

2015 April LandscapeThis month, the Association of Nebraska Art Clubs (ANAC) Selection Show will fill both of our main floor Galleries. The work exhibited is from a variety of FAAA Member artists who work in different styles and media. A juried exhibit, this is just the first step in one of the most unique art shows in Nebraska. The award winning artworks from this show will join the top choices from clubs across the state for a second round of judging at the State level.

Nebraska is the only state in the US which has an organization encompassing art clubs throughout the state. Established in 1965, there are currently over 40 Nebraska art clubs that belong to ANAC. The reasons cited most often for membership in ANAC are the annual conference/exhibition, workshops, classes, and social events.

While some of the Artists represented are full-time career artists, others juggle a “day job,” family, and a wide variety of volunteer obligations. They live in large and small communities across Nebraska. What they share is a passion for art and membership in the Association of Nebraska Art Clubs. Artists’ primary affiliation is to a local club; these range in size from two to 90-plus members and present opportunities tailored to the group and location. As an umbrella organization, ANAC’s offerings are statewide.

This year’s ANAC Conference will be held in Columbus from June 10-13. The main attention-getter, the pièce de résistance, is the juried exhibition of members’ work. Over 350 original works of art selected from the local clubs are displayed, and this fabulous exhibit is open for public viewing. A nationally known artist is chosen to serve as the judge for this show. Award of Excellence pieces, including Best of Show, form an exhibition that travels the state during the subsequent year.

2015 April riderThe MONA Purchase Award is another coveted prize of the exhibition. Russ Erpelding, ARTreach coordinator, Museum of Nebraska Art (MONA) chooses one work of art to be included in the museum’s permanent collection. The MONA Purchase Award selection is then represented in the traveling exhibition by a framed photograph.

Relationships develop through ANAC. Members become friends and colleagues; they encourage, support and respect each other. And each year they acclaim one member for outstanding contributions. ANAC promotes community involvement in the visual arts, education, and encourages both beginner and professional artists to get involved.

Please join us on Friday, April 10th for the Artists’ Reception and Judge’s Critique of Fremont’s ANAC Selection Show!

The exhibition runs from March 31-May 6th. Awards will be announced at the reception.

The reception and Judge’s Critique for the ANAC Selection Show will be: Friday April 10th from 5-7pm. 

Mar 03

March- Lubker Gallery: Fremont Public Schools K-12 Select Show

Celebrating Youth Art Month

fps selectYouth Art Month was started in 1961 through the Art & Creative Materials Institute, Inc. in cooperation with the National Art Education Association. This annual celebration directs attention to the value of visual art education in a student’s overall success. Studies show students participating in the arts have higher grades, score better on standardized tests, have better attendance records, and are more active in community affairs.

Youth Art Month provides a forum for recognizing skills developed through visual arts experiences that are not possible in other curriculum subjects. Art education develops citizens of a global society. Art is a necessity for the full development of better quality of life for all, and encourages divergent and critical thinking.

Throughout March, a variety of activities take place across the country at the local and state levels. At Gallery 92 West, we understand the potential of the arts and its positive impact to students–our mission is “to promote visual art culture and education.” Featured in the Lubker Gallery is the student artwork from Fremont Public Schools, Kindergarten through Grade 12. Please join us in our efforts here to spotlight art education.

Our Fremont Public Schools Art Specialists are: Julie Bristol, Jesse Kiefer, Jennifer Trapp, Axton Kahler, Andrea Rockemann, Geoff Semrad, Mara Hornig, Amy Gillespie and Cody Wheelock.

B. H. Gehringer Gallery:  Agriculture Week Ag-Poster Exhibit

fps select ag posterMarch also brings us Agriculture Week! American Agriculture is responsible for providing the necessities for everyday life; food, fiber, clothing and even fuel. This month, it will also bring us ART!

Gallery 92 West will feature the Ag-Poster Exhibit in the B.H. Gehringer Gallery for the fourth consecutive year, with a special Artists’ Reception during Ag-Week, Saturday, March 21, from 1:00-3:00pm. The Fremont Area Chamber Agricultural Business & Natural Resource Council, in partnership with Cleary Building Corporation, are the proud sponsors of the “How I See Nebraska Agriculture” Art Contest.

Our gallery will be delightfully covered with artwork from students in grades K-5 depicting that theme. This juried show will hang all month. Come view the farming world through these creative kids’ eyes!

 Two March receptions!

The reception for the FPS Select Show and Loft Artist Jack Zeleny will be: Sunday March 8 from 1-3pm. 

Reception for the Agriculture Poster Artists will be: Saturday, March 21st, from 1-3 p.m.

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