Oct 04

October Exhibits- Lubker Gallery: Child’s Play Themed and Juried Show

Child’s Play: Members Get Playful With Their Art

child’s play n. 1: an extremely simple task or act

Child's PlayThe contributing Artists to the exhibit featured in the Lubker Gallery this month would probably disagree with that definition! Two simple words, limitless possibilities of expression—narrowing those options proves anything but simple! However, perhaps the impression that Artists make the creative process appear easy qualifies…

Back by popular demand, the Themed and Juried Show is here! Artists were challenged to represent the intentionally broad, and wide-open-to-creative-interpretation theme, “Child’s Play.” Each work is accompanied by a brief statement from the Artist which explains the connection to the theme, and his or her thought process in its creation.

The idea for this challenge was inspired by the exhibit at Fremont’s Louis E. May Museum currently on view. May Museum Director and Curator of their “Child’s Play” exhibit, Jeff Kappeler has agreed to judge the entries for us. Awards will be announced during the Artists’ Reception on Friday, October 9th.

childs2YOU are invited not only to come view the diverse interpretations of the theme, but also to become the Judge! An additional prize will be awarded: “Viewers’ Choice Best of Show.” Votes may be cast all month long, and will be counted when the exhibit closes on October 25. The Viewers’ Choice Award will be announced in the November Newsletter.

B.H. Gehringer Gallery: All Dolled Up With Some Place To Go- Carolyn (Faltin) Holtzmann

A few words from Carolyn (Faltin) Holtzmann:

dolls1I grew up on a farm by Dodge, Nebraska, and currently live in Yankton, South Dakota, where I escape the reality of weeding and cleaning my house by sneaking upstairs to design period doll outfits. My challenge is to use vintage materials such as old curtains, aprons, gloves and men’s ties to create an outfit that a 19th century woman would be proud to wear. Hats and shoes complete each outfit. My mom made sure her girls could sew and after years of striving for perfection in 4H, in high school I decided to drop all the sewing rules and paper patterns and just place the material directly on the doll and start playing. Later I discovered that what I was doing is called designing. It’s been an adventure ever since!


October Loft Artist: Barb Tellatin (Fiber Arts)

The Reception for the October Exhibits will be held Friday October 9th, from 5-7pm

Sep 03

September Exhibits- Lubker Gallery: 29th Annual Sheldon Statewide Exhibition

Sheldon delivers out of this world artwork

20150907_180129Featured in our Lubker Gallery from Sept. 2-27, the 29th Annual Sheldon Statewide Exhibition, “The Romance of the Moon,” will make Gallery 92 West the first stop on a trek across the Nebraska during the 2015-16 Academic year. “Sheldon Statewide is an education and exhibition outreach program of the Sheldon Museum of Art at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Its mission is to serve Nebraska communities throughout the state by sharing the museum’s outstanding collection of American art. Since its inception in 1987, the program has reached over 275,000 people in 24 Nebraska communities.

20150907_180220In 1865 Jules Verne wrote From the Earth to the Moon, a novel in which the technological advancements of the late Victorian era are used to send humans to Earth’s closest neighbor. The subject of lunar landing shifted from fantasy to reality as astronaut Neil Armstrong stepped foot on the moon’s surface in 1969. Over the last century and a half, scientific and popular fascination with the moon has spurred numerous missions into outer space, invigorated research in aeronautics technology, inspired new cinematic techniques, and provided fodder for scores of writers and illustrators. It is against this backdrop that the artists in this exhibition boldly approach and inhabit the intersection of art and science.

On the 150th anniversary of Verne’s pioneering and prophetic novel, we explore the rich visual history of science fiction. The artwork in this exhibition examines several themes commonly found in this interdisciplinary genre, including space exploration, environmental crisis, the cosmic uncanny, the relationship between human and machine, close encounters, and creative innovation. This constellation of interests manifests itself in a variety of media through abstraction, realism, hyperbole, and humor.”

B.H. Gehringer Gallery: Omaha Marian High School

20150907_175916This month, the artworks of Omaha Marian High School students are featured in the B.H. Gehringer Gallery. Marin Art teachers, Ashley Thompson and Jeremy Cisco have chosen an excellent showcase of the girls’ work, in a variety of media, including pencil drawings, acrylic paintings on wood and canvas, even hand-painted tennis shoes.

The technical skill achieved by these young women is amazing! Marian High School has a strong and active visual arts program, and this collection will surely surprise and delight all who come to see it!

September Loft Artists: Mara Hornig and Chris Sell (Mixed Media) 

The Reception for the September Exhibits will be held Friday September 11, from 5-7pm

Aug 31

Fremont Area Art Association at a Glance

Here’s a brief overview of some of the great things going on at Gallery 92 West!

Aug 03

August Exhibits- Lubker Gallery: Jason and Meredith Schleicher

Husband and Wife share “Common Roots”

August1_2015This month Gallery 92 West presents “Common Roots,” in the Lubker Gallery. The mixed media show features the work of husband and wife artists, Jason and Meredith Schleicher.

Jason graduated from Fremont High School, and we are proud to say, was the fourth to receive the FAAA/Hazel Keene Memorial Scholarship. Jason attended UNL and earned his BFA degree with emphasis in painting and printmaking. His work has been shown in various galleries in Omaha, including the 13th Street Gallery, Fluxion, Jackson Street; at the Burkholder Project in Lincoln and Zainul Gallery in Bangladesh.

Meredith studied Fine Arts at UNL before transferring to Metropolitan Community College to specialize in Graphic Design. She has worked as a graphic designer in the Omaha area for thirteen years while continuing in the Fine Arts studying metal-smithing. She is currently apprenticing for her father, Papillion Metal Sculptor, Al Rhea. Meredith and Jason have one daughter, Rhealynn.

August2_2015The work of these two artists is diverse yet shares a common, connecting root–nature. Jason states, “I am exploring mankind’s relationship with nature–specifically trees–in the context of use or setting. The life of a tree has parallel stories of transformation and rebirth both in the natural world and in industry. By way of man and machine, a tree undergoes a significant transformation when processed for goods. Only by ending its life and taking it out of the habitat it provides in nature, does a tree take on a new existence–barely resembling its former self–contributing to and blending in with our fabricated environment.”

“Each ply [in a sheet of plywood] represents a chapter in the life of trees as the rings of the trunks have been peeled, cut, and stacked.” Jason reveals pieces of the past when layers are chiseled away and splintered. The absence of painterly brush strokes makes the transformed wood piece look like it has occurred naturally. His images then echo the essence of nature while showing a rebirth in our constructed habitat.

August3_2015Meredith adds, “I’ve always liked the idea of taking nature home with you, whether collecting shells and sand at the beach, or weaving a crown of wild flowers. Each of these treasures is a symbol of that place on earth.” It is this concept which inspires her jewelry and sculpture. She channels her experiences with nature and makes a three-dimensional representation of it. She works in mixed media, most often metal. “If I can reclaim or reuse something to make these preserved memories of nature, I also help to preserve our environment.”

Meredith’s most recent jewelry designs involve the use of copper, as she is drawn to the antique, earthy look and feel of the metal. She cuts, files and embosses the metal, then adds patina inks in layers to create a weathered look, achieving ripples and waves of varying colors and the illusion of organic materials and textures.

Similar movements appear in her sculptures. “The hard stainless steel softens as plant-like shapes appear in the swirls of metal. Using a plasma cutter, various grinding and shaping tools, and a MIG welder, I produce shapes found in nature…my memories and experiences guide me in creating these small sculptures with big feelings.”

Come meet the artists, Jason and Meredith Schleicher, at the opening reception, Friday, August 7th, 5 – 7 p.m.


B.H. Gehringer Gallery: Baines’ glass art shatters expectations

August6_2015The glass works of Fremont native Jesse Baines is featured in the B.H. Gehringer Gallery this month. Jesse is also part of the Artist’s Coop Gallery in Omaha where he has exhibited work since 2012.

He is proficient in all phases of glass work: beveling, casting, sand blasting, leaded glass, copper foiled glass (Tiffany style), beading, and crystal repair. His passion for the past several years has been using glass powders in kiln formed glass. All the color appearing in his work has been purposefully added.

Jesse is currently working with layers of color on both planes of the sheet (front and back), and if carefully lit, color is reflected onto the wall behind the works. He is intrigued by line and motion, most notably horizon lines in nature. Jesse’s designs can be deceptively simple. Sometimes he must climb a ladder to sift powders from 6 feet above the glass. This distance helps the powders fall evenly and blend better. Through multiple firings and many different temperatures Jesse controls the texture, opacity, depth, and shape of the powders.

Jesse describes his artistic evolution: “I have always loved art–my book covers were covered in doodles!” During junior high, he started to learn basic stained glass from his aunt when the families gathered at Thanksgiving. “She would bring her tools, and some scraps and I would spend the day making sun-catchers. In 9th grade art, Mrs. Tellatin taught me further and I was able to make an 8”x10” panel.” His interest in stained glass piqued, Jesse purchased the supplies to pursue this hobby. In the 1990s Jesse’s uncle purchased a stained glass business in Omaha, and helped him with classes, and more supplies.

After graduating from Fremont High School, Jesse enrolled at the University of Nebraska-Kearney to pursue an interest in architecture. Before he could begin classes, though, the program was discontinued. After one semester at UNK, Jesse moved to Lincoln and began working at Palace Glass Company. Nearly a year later, his car broke down, and he was unable to commute to work. Jesse’s uncle, Dick Baines, offered him a job at his stained glass business.

August5_2015Jesse now owns and operates that business in Omaha: Rainbow Artistic Glass & Design. “I really love how things come to be, and work out as if they were meant to happen. My only regret right now is being so busy that it is hard to find time for my own art and hobbies.”

Loft Artists: Jesse and Holly Kiefer (Mixed Media)

The Reception for the August Exhibits will be held Friday August 7th, 5-7pm

Jul 06

July- Lubker Gallery and B.H. Gehringer Gallery: FAAA All Members’ Exhibition ( local artists )

An FAAA All-Star Lineup of Local Artists

July FAAA 2015The College World Series may be complete, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a lineup of phenomenal art! This month, we celebrate US: (Okay, we’ll begin with the United States on July 4th), and continue with”us”–the Members of the Fremont Area Art Association! Both of our main floor galleries will showcase original work created by our member artists.

As a whole, we are a group of creative characters who celebrate the Art of Making Art. Individually, we work in acrylic, airbrosh, clay, glass, fiber, found objects, pastels, paper, pencil, pen & ink, photography, prints, watercolor, wood and more. This is truly a Mixed Media Showcase!

In the spirit of our mission: promoting visual art culture and education– somwill show their creations formally for the very first time; others are seasoned professionals. Everyone has been invited and encouraged to participate. The show has historically been a visible interpretation of who we are as an organization and we are proud of all of our participating artists.

Together with our many non-artist members, we applaud our friends and neighbors and offer a visual feast for the whole community to enjoy.

Please join us in celebrating our local artists during this month’s Artists’ Reception on Friday, July 10th from 5-7pm.

 Loft Artist of the Month: Sara Sumnick-Wamsat (Mixed Media)

The Reception for the July Shows will be held Friday July 10, 5-7pm

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