November Gallery A: Meigs Rediscovers the Platte


received_10202818813702761 “Platte Rediscovery,” a photo exhibit by Doug Meigs is dedicated to inspiring critical and historical rediscovery of the Platte River.

Three hundred years ago, the French explorer Bourgmont introduced the Platte River (and Nebraska) to Europe. Bourgmont had arrived at the Mouth of the Platte on June 16, 1714. According to his navigational logs, the Otoe living along the river called it the “Flat Water” the Nibraskier. Today, the river and its original Otoe name define the modern state of Nebraska.

received_10202818813862765Doug Meigs is a freelance journalist and photographer. After four years living in Hong Kong, he returned home to Omaha. His writing and photography has appeared in Omaha Magazine, The Omaha World-Herald, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, China Daily, the South China Morning Post, Indian Country Today Media Network, and various other regional and international media outlets.

Gallery 92 West is pleased to show Doug’s first exhibit in November. Please stop by to see his stunning photography.

Gallery B: The Cellar Dwellers

B1They call themselves “The Cellar Dwellers.” Even though a title as such may evoke images of a troll and Igor, it is quite the contrary. Linda Jorgensen and Melody Chvatal are retired art teachers that met three years ago at the Art Association and started creating pottery in the basement studio. The pair not only create works of art there but are guaranteed one hundred laughs and great inspirational moments with their studio group.

Linda believes “Art is a verb…” She says, “one has to think then carry out the various steps for each piece created. While sometimes, a ‘happy accident’ occurs, most of the time there is a plan.”

Her work consists of highly stylized functional and non-functional pottery, jewelry and collage pieces. Linda focuses on form and proportional balance while creating her work.

B2Melody has focused on her love of clay the last three years since her retirement. Her work is quite varied in style and structure. Many pieces have painted interlocking detailed designs. Some pieces have emphasis on surface texture and others show explorations of colored glass and glaze techniques. Melody’s creative process focuses on the energy that is within the piece and many are developed after the first firing. She enhances the unique properties in each piece, creating one of a kind ware.

Please stop by the Gallery during November to see their wonderful work.

 The November reception for the Doug Meigs, Cellar Dwellers, and Loft Artist: Dave Chleborad exhibits will be Friday, Nov 7th, from 5-7 p.m.

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October Gallery A: Triad (Lori Elliot-Bartle, Travis Apel, Pete Wroblewski)


Omaha’s Triad comes to Gallery

 GalleryA 2A trio of Omaha artists, calling themselves “Triad,” will fill Gallery A with their unique stylings during October.

Lori Elliott-Bartle is a painter and printmaker whose work is marked by saturated, often primary, colors and high contrasts between light and dark.By using simplified, abstracted shapes in her imagery, she hopes to focus attention on essential elements of form, line and shape as well as energy and emotion. In this month’s exhibition, Lori shows selected paintings and relief prints with pieces depicting Nebraska and New Mexico landscapes, the human figure, and several portraits.

GalleryA 1

Sculptor Travis Apel feels that, “Our ancient surroundings—insects, flowers, fallen trees, landforms, the greater cosmos and the anatomy of nature are embedded in the motif of my work. Evolving themes of space, time and circumstance formulate a tendency for my work to have a Neo-Symbolist representation within its conceptual design.”

Travis adds, “I explore concepts and narratives—both philosophical and environmental. My dream is for the viewer to shed apathy regarding the place we live. I invite each visual consumer to remain open to experience a personal, historic moment and take the opportunity to recognize one’s place in guarding our natural habitat, our social habitat, and the individual habitat behind our senses.”

GalleryA3Third is sculptor Pete Wroblewski, who has been producing sculptural work for more than 25 years.

“I started late in sculpture,” he said. Wrobleski took his first sculpture class from Bellevue University while stationed at Offutt Air Force Base.

He soon decided that, “Sculpture was the only way for me to be able to express my vision.” He works primarily in bronze, but has also worked in aluminum, steel and wood.

“Because I do extensive revision of the wax positive I make from a clay beginning, each piece is unique, no copies are made. My work is primarily figurative with various subjects that appeal to me, from mythology, nature, or emotion. I strive to show movement, both subtle and obvious,” he said.

Gallery B: Cody Wheelock

Fremont High School art teacher Cody Wheelock will be displaying his paintings in Gallery B during October.

Wheelock is a classical realist artist who paints and draws in the traditional genres of still life, landscape and figure/portraiture. He graduated from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, in 2010 and completed his Master’s degree in Art Education from Boston University.

WheelockWheelock has exhibited as part of the Art Association’s All Member Show, the Fremont Public Schools Faculty Show and was recently our Loft Artist of the month.



 The reception for the Triad, Cody Wheelock, and Loft Artist: Marjorie exhibits will be Saturday, Oct 4th, from 6-9 p.m.

October Shows are sponsored by:

Sid Dillon

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September Gallery A: Glass Work From Crystal Forge

CB14090204 Blown Away

Glass work from Ed Fennell and the artists from Crystal Forge at Hot Shops Art Center in Omaha will be highlighted in Gallery A this month. Crystal Forge started in a residential garage approximately 35 years ago.

CB14090205It now includes several artists who sell out of the gallery and work out of the glass studio. Every artist that works out of Crystal Forge has a different style. From the time Ed built his first furnace people have gathered around the forge. He once was asked, “How long does it take you to finish one of your pieces?” He replied by saying “Twenty years and twenty minutes.”

The motivation for Crystal Forge has all been for the enjoyment of blowing glass and the fellowship of the people involved. Presenting an eclectic mix of styles and techniques this show features work by Fennell, Matthew Shrader, Christopher Kemp, Daniel Grzeskowiak, Raymond Shultze, Whitney Emanuel and Mary Anne Kuk.

Gallery B: Mary Ringenberg

CB14090202‘Quirky is a Good Thing’ Mary Ringenberg will bring her truly one-of-a-kind style to the walls of Gallery B in September. Part sculptural, part paint, her pieces will keep you looking as many tell stories within stories. “I have dabbled in a variety of media, but I have to say I’m the most passionate about assemblage art,” Ringenberg said. Her art features bold colors and high contrast items including old board game pieces, buttons and more. “Every time a new theme pops into my head, I’m instantly recharged. I love taking everyday, non-art objects and materials, or to be honest, JUNK and transforming them into sculptural collage,” she added. Please stop by Gallery B in September to see what her art reveals to you. “It might look like just an old wooden cigar box, but oh the possibilities are endless!  My focus is on color, texture, nostalgia and a twist of the unusual.  Quirky is a good thing, especially when it makes you smile,” she said. Ringenberg, a long-time FAAA member and former vice-president of our board recently moved to Lincoln.

 The reception for the Crystal Forge, Mary Ringenberg, and Loft Artist: Anne Thome (Mixed Media Artist) exhibits will be Friday evening, Sept 5th, from 5-7 p.m.

September Shows are sponsored by:

First National Bank Fremont

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August Gallery A: Book Arts, Curated by Bonnie O’ Connell


BRADY TangentCoverTitlePgBooks paint a picture like you’ve never seen before.

The University of Nebraska Fine Arts Press was founded in 1972 by renowned master printer and fine press publisher Harry Duncan, as a typographic laboratory and letterpress studio. The program expanded to include courses in bookbinding and papermaking after Professor Bonnie O’Connell assumed directorship of the program in 1985.

Men_ Women_ M&W,The works in this exhibition cover all aspects of studio techniques taught in courses through the program: typography, book design, letterpress printing, hand papermaking, bookbinding and decorative pattern papers. Some of these books are from letterpress or digitally printed editions, others are “unique” or one of a kind objects. All celebrate the potential of book structures as a vital form of creative expression.

SchomburgU6The collected works come from instructors in the UNO book arts program, current and recent students, as well as program alumni who continue to practice book arts skills in graduated academic programs or as professional artists. These include: Denise Brady, Bonnie O’Connell, Barbara Gehringer, Pamela Olson, Ashley Vak, Mike Bauer, Deb Allen, Verna Johnson, Althea Satterfield, Meg Welch, Ana Garcia, Michael McDonald, and Frances Osugi  


The reception for all of our August exhibits will be Friday evening, August 1st, from 5-7 p.m. 



Gallery B: Joslyn Docents Exhibit


Joslyn_Art_MuseumA “Director’s Invitational” of sorts, fills Gallery B this month. The Docent Corps of Josyln Art Museum is an extraordinary group of art loving individuals who donate thousands of hours bringing the museum’s collections to life for all sorts of visitors. (over 16,500 tour participants in the last year alone!) Many of these folks are artists in their own right as well as members of the Fremont Area Art Association. Accomplished full-time studio artists, former art educators, and those exploring new ideas and experimenting with new materials  and techniques, Barbara has invited them all to exhibit their work in what has become an intriguing mixed media show. Join us in welcoming this diverse group into our galleries. Many of the Joslyn Docent-Artists will be here for the Opening Reception— perhaps we can persuade them to give us a guided tour!




The reception for the Book Arts Exhibit, Joslyn Docents, and Loft Artist: Michael Kreizel
will be: FRIDAY, August 1st, from 5 to 7 p.m.
August Shows are sponsored by: HyVee

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July Gallery A: All Members Show


Gallery BWe are once again thrilled to have our walls graced with art created by our own Fremont area artists during July’s All-Member Exhibition in Gallery A. Stop by to see a wide range of subjects and styles in graphite, pastels, oil, watercolor, sculpture, photography, mixed media and more.


The reception for all of our July exhibits is different than years past and will be Friday evening, July 11, from 5-7 p.m. Help us celebrate all of the wonderful art created by artists within our own organization!



Gallery B: Peck and Wilson, Mother-Daughter Retrospective


When Priscilla Wilson was approached to help us present a retrospective of her mother’s work, she excitedly agreed saying that Hortense would have celebrated her 100th birthday this year. Hortense Wilson was a very active member of the FAAA, and along with her husband Graydon, served on the Board of Directors.

CB14063002As the show evolved, it seemed appropriate to include works by Verna Peck, Hortense’s mother. Gallery B will showcase a Mother-Daughter Retrospective. “I’m thrilled to share artwork by my mother and grandmother with people who enjoy art,” Priscilla said. “There are so many family stories tied up in these pictures.”

“Grandma began painting at age 57, taking, then eventually teaching, art classes in Kansas City. She received recognition for her work at the Plaza Art Show.”

Hortense Wilson, a 1934 graduate of Southwestern College in Winfield, KS, was an artist all her life according to Priscilla. She created the pastel (above) when she was a high school student.

Hortense and her family moved to Fremont in 1958. “She painted a lot of Dodge County scenes,” Priscilla said, adding that she also depicted scenes from travels across the country and around the world. In addition, she illustrated Orleatha Kellogg’s book, Bloom on the Land, which was published in 1982.




The reception for the All Members Exhibit, Peck and Wilson, Mother-Daughter Retrospective, and Loft Artist: Jenefer Bachaus
will be: FRIDAY, July 11th, from 5 to 7 p.m.
July’s Shows are sponsored by: In Bloom

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