March 2014

Gallery  B- Ag Poster Winners


April 2013

Gallery A – Fremont Public Schools K-12 Select Show
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Gallery B – Midland University Senior Garland Bennett

Reception Honoring All April Artists
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March 2013

Gallery A – Fremont Area Art Association ANAC Selection Show


Best of Show – Mary Ringenberg





Reception Honoring ALL Participants
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Gallery B – The Department of Agriculture Nebraska Children’s Poster Contest
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Reception Honoring the Ag Participants
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Loft Artist of the Month – Dorothy Tuma

March 3rd Thursday Luncheon – Hostess:  Marilyn Gordon


February 2013

Gallery A – John Dennison Pottery
Dennison 1 Dennison 2 Dennison 3 Dennison 4

Reception featuring John Dennison
reception 4 reception 2 Reception 1

Gallery B – Fremont Public Schools K-4 Select Show
& Clarmar PTA Reflections Entries

K-4 1 K-4 2

PTA Reflections


Loft Artist of the Month – Dori Settles
Feb Loft Artist

February 3rd Thursday Luncheon – Artist/Host John Dennison
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January 2013

Gallery A – Sheldon Statewide Traveling Show

early rr  modern-rr-11

 Jan Sheldon Show 5

Reception featuring Sarah Feit of Sheldon Art Museum & Curator Professor William G. Thomas

Jan Sheldon Show 2 Jan Sheldon Show

UNO Professor Peggy Jones works as Artist in Residence with Fremont Middle School Students
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Gallery B – Select Student Art from Fremont Middle School and Johnson Crossing Academic Center
Johnson Crossing & Middle School Show

Loft Artist of the Month – Anthony Brown

January 3rd Thursday Luncheon – Artist/Host Anthony Brown
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