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Organized in 1960 as a non-profit organization, the Fremont Area Art Association Galley 92 West and Fremont Area Art Association Buildingwas organized to promote the appreciation and development of visual art in and around the Fremont area. It has been an active participant in the cultural life of the community and area for over 50 years. Membership is composed of art supporters and appreciators as well as active artists ranging from successful professionals to “Sunday painters”. The art association is supported by membership, voluntary contributions, and grants from the Nebraska Arts Council and Fremont area foundations.

Our Mission:

To promote visual art culture and education by:

  • encouraging cooperation and communication among artists, art teachers, art students, craftsmen, publishers, and others engaged in the visual arts;
  • providing a registry for artists;
  • holding exhibitions and competitions;
  • promoting the study and appreciation of the arts by the public.

Said corporation is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes.

Board of Directors | Milestones | The Gallery

Fremont Area Art Association thanks the Nebraska Arts Council

Key Milestones:

1960:Nine members formed the Fremont Art Club and met at the Salvation Army on 9th and Broad.

1963:  Fremont Art Club held its first public art exhibit

1965:  The first individual exhibit was held

1967:  The Art Association held an annual art exhibit that was open to the public in the Fremont Mall. This art exhibit brought in the most attendance the mall had ever seen.

1968:  The Association collected 250 paintings and pieces of artwork to send to the California VA Hospital to put decorate the hospital, and enhance the lives of those veterans being treated there.

1971:  45 paintings were donated to the Dodge County Hospital.

1975:  The Fremont Art Association first sponsored an ANAC show.

1978:  The Fremont Art Association incorporated as a non-profit organization to become the Fremont Area Art Association.

1979:  The Association purchased the current building at 92 West 6th St. Cleaning out the building proved to be a challenge, one was hauling out large vats of acid from the basement! Many fundraising efforts took place to raise money to renovate the building. “If it raised a dollar, the Art Association found out a way to do it.”

1981:  It took 2 years and 4 months to have the building completely paid for!

1986:  The Fremont Area Art Association became an example for Norfolk, Kearney MONA (Museum of Nebraska Art) and other surrounding art associations in Nebraska!

Thanks to Marv and Jean Welstead for the historical information on the Fremont Area Art Association.

Board of Directors | Mission | The Gallery

Board of Directors & Committees

OFFICERS President– Dick Hendriksen Vice President– Treasurer– Emily Pernicek Secretary– Katie Roberts BOARD MEMBERS Joanne Thietje Gary Bolton Tracy Buffington Melody Chvatal Marcia Fouraker Dick Hendriksen Kitty Hoden Cheryl Lamme Lisa Lubker Emily Pernicek Laura Peters Deb McCord Laura Peters Katie Roberts Joanne Thietje Karen Thurlow Honorary Board Members Jennifer Gay Don Hinds If you have questions, …

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