Oct 31

November 2017 Exhibits Tracy Gallery: Todd WIlliams “The Legacy of Nebraska”; Hinds Gallery: Artists from Omaha’s Hot Shops Art Center

TRACY GALLERY: Todd A. Williams The Legacy of Nebraska

                    Sponsored in part by First National Bank Fremont

Born and raised in the great state of Nebraska, Todd A. Williams has always been inspired by the awesome sunsets of his childhood. After receiving his education in Central City, Nebraska, from grade school to high school, he enrolled in classes at the Central Community College in Columbus, and graduated with an Associates Degree. Williams transferred to the Kansas City Art Institute and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.Todd WIlliams worked for Hallmark Cards until 2002, when he officially resigned to pursue his own art.

The Legacy of Nebraska project by Todd Williams is recognized as a Signature Event of the Nebraska Sesquicentennial. The exhibit commemorates the nostalgia and history of Nebraska with 123 paintings, at least one from each of the state’s 93 counties.

Williams’ mission for the past five years has been to depict significant historic, geographic and figurative elements from founding-era Nebraska. Gallery 92 West is honored to be one of thehandful of venues to exhibit this important work.

Todd Williams says of the Legacy of Nebraska Project:  It is my vision to give recognition and awareness of my great State and bring its beauty to life on canvas.  I desire to show not only the historical legacy but all the diversity and simplicity of the landscape and landmarks. Under the influence of turn of the century American Impressionists, some of the Legacy of Nebraska paintings have been created en plein air and others in the studio.  My heart’s desire for this project is to reawaken an appreciation for the Arts while preserving the unique beauty and heritage that Nebraska has to offer.


Hinds Gallery:  Artists from the Hot Shops Art Center – Omaha

In 1999 a group of established artist studios and interested investors purchased the old Serta Mattress Factory just north of the Old Market area in Omaha, with the idea of sharing molten resources while giving artists in Omaha a studio of their own amongst a village of other artists.

The Hot Shops Art Centr gets its name from the four anchor studios or “shops”.  Each deals in various fiery disciplines to shape their artistic expressions, which require thousands of degrees to create.  These trades require crucibles of melted metals, forges of molten glass, and kilns of baked clay.

Crystal Forge uses glass furnaces and annealing ovens for producing flat art glass and glass jewels to be used by stained glass fabricators, unique glasses and vases, stunning bowls and decorative plates, as well as one-or-a-kind “art glass”.  They also produce customized glasswork for architects and interior designers.

Bruning Sculpture is a foundry for casting bronze, aluminum, and iron for production of unique fine art and interesting architectural details.

Hot Shops Pottery produces ceramic pots and sculptures ranging from the very small to the really big.  Deep inside the studio is a rather large, walk-in kiln.

C.K. Fabrication is a fully functioning blacksmithing shop.

The Hot Shops Art Center also features 58 artist studios, and three art galleries.  The studio spaces, which occupy almost the entire building, house over 100 artists of all disciplines.  An energizing influence on development of art, Hot Shops ultimately creates relationships among artists and fosters a sense of community.  Open to the public seven days a week, the Hot Shops Art Center offers a unique art adventure, and constantly changing array of artwork!