May 30

June Art Exhibits- Tracy Gallery: Art Quilts by FiberWorks

“Larger Than Life” Art Quilts by FiberWorks

The quilts featured in the Tracy Gallery were made by 12 textile artists from the Lincoln and Omaha areas who are members of Fiber Works, a group from seven cities in eastern Nebraska who have hundreds of years of quilting experience between them. They have been working together for about eight years to expand their knowledge and push the boundaries of their creativity. They learn from, inspire and support each other in all sorts of fiber art endeavors. The group has capped its membership at 12 so it doesn’t outgrow monthly meetings at members’ homes where they explore new techniques.

These aren’t your great-grandmother’s quilts, but they are rooted in the precise seams and intricate designs of bedcovers sometimes drafted to hang as doors or room dividers in rude prairie dwellings during pioneer days. Quilting has long been a mainstay of self-sufficiency; homesteaders had to take advantage of all of their resources, yet they found ways to make recycled products beautiful. Today quilting isn’t as much about recycling, but has grown into an amazing art form, incorporating modern and traditional techniques. These quilts are destined to grace a gallery wall, not brighten a bedroom.

Stitches in art quilts are created with free-motion quilting. That means rather than stitching in a straight line, the fabric is moved around as it passes through the sewing machine to anchor the batting between the top and bottom layers. The design dictates the stitch pattern. The quilters and artists invite non-traditional quilting techniques and media, such as buttons, cheese cloth, dyed fabrics and photographs printed into the fabrics. Fiber Works members include: Jo Drueke, Sheila Green, Merrilee Hansen, Dorothy Heidemann-Nelson, Cynthia Levis, Karen Murphy, Roxann O’Hare, Lynne O’Rourke, Cindi Pape, Peg Pennell, Marilyn Rembolt and Pat Stava.

Hinds Gallery: “Beauty Everywhere” Julie Collins – Mixed Media

Gallery 92 West is pleased to introduce Omaha artist Julie Collins, in her first solo exhibit. Through photos, paintings, and sculptures, Collins’ art explores the beauty of the everyday, and indeed the everywhere.

She describes her artwork as “seeing, capturing, and noticing the magical beauty of the simple things in life. ”Often lost in the hustle and bustle of our busy lives, plain, honest joys are too easily overlooked. Collins contends those things are around and readily available for us every day–we just need reminding! She enjoys finding “the hidden shapes, the dance of color, and the subtle movements that when combined, create endless compositions.”

Photography is the constant as well as the inspiration for creativity in Julie Collins’ work. Her well-developed and keen eye for finding surprises through the lens has led her to explore those images in other media. Not merely copies of her photographs, her paintings and sculptures have become instead a rendering of the mood and emotions experienced at that time.

The journey turns inward. “Photography and painting are a meditation for me. These tools still my mind, outside noise, internal noise, fade unknowingly, until soon I am only able to see and feel beauty everywhere and in everything.”

LOFT ARTIST FOR JUNE: Sara Womsat (Mixed Media)

The Reception for the May Exhibits will be held Friday, June 2nd from 5:00-7:00pm