Feb 03

FEBRUARY 2018 EXHIBITS: Hinds Gallery: Studio Art Quilt Associates “PASSAGES”; Dugan Gallery: Carolyn Albracht Mixed Media and Watercolors

Hinds Gallery: Studio Art Quilt Associates “PASSAGES”

Visit the gallery this month to see a variety of art quilts from several di_erent SAQA members. We are pleased to have such an array of handcrafted works. We are sure the details in each piece will impress you.

Studio Art Quilt Associates, Inc. (SAQA) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote the art quilt through education, exhibitions, professional development, documentation, and publications. SAQA de_nes an art quilt as “a creative visual work that is layered and stitched or that references this form of stitched layered structure.”

Founded in 1989 by an initial group of 50 artists, SAQA now has over 3,400 members: artists, teachers, collectors, gallery owners, museum curators and corporate sponsors. A dedicated core of volunteers and sta_ keep the organization vibrant, dynamic, and progressive. Visit SAQA.com for more information, including membership details, and their online store.

Artists from Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and California, who are members of Nebraska Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) are presenting their work in the exhibit “PASSAGES”. The International Quilt Study Center Museum in Lincoln Nebraska premiered “PASSAGES” in April 2017 for exhibition during the SAQA International Conference.

The exhibit “PASSAGES” explores the concept of a moment captured in time. A moment can be one of peaceful restfulness, a dynamic moment such as making the winning goal in a game. The instant of movement from one state to another can be seen in spiritual moments as well.

Whether it is used as a noun or a verb “PASSAGES” allows the artist the freedom to conceive work which can be representational or abstract.

Join us at the gallery for the opening reception on Friday, February 2, from 5-7pm.


Dugan Gallery: Carolyn Albracht Mixed Media and Watercolors

Carolyn Albracht is a Nebraska native and art education instructor in the Art and Design department at Wayne State College. Most recently, Albrecht earned her PhD in education studies in 2016. Her work is inspired by her study of psychology and interest in Zen Buddhism.

Albracht began making and using doodle books almost a decade ago when she began her teaching career. Her doodlebooks contain inspirations for works in watercolor, acrylic, Prismacolor markers, pigment liners, stitching and sometimes collage. Albracht refers to her work as “whimsical” and notes even though her ­gures may resemble Dr. Suess characters, she is inspired by the rural communities where she has lived her whole life. She re‑ects this in her current work.

Albracht says, “Artists must remain true to themselves if they are to maintain their practices as artists.” At times she’s tempted to practice a more “traditional” style and subdued colors; but the artist says, “ I always drift back to the imagery and colors that excite me.”

Albracht believes, “some of us living in rural communities are bright pops of color that keep life interesting. Our presence also reminds the more traditional-minded among us, that we are not all the same.”

Please join us this month as we celebrate Albracht’s vibrant and fantastical work. The cheery, vibrant colors and imaginative works are sure to put a smile on your face. An artist reception will be held Friday, February 2 from 5-7 pm.