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The Classrooms


The classrooms are available to all member artists who wish to work during the hours Gallery 92 West is open, if no classes are being held.

It’s all right here in light-filled studios with lots of tables, plenty of space to spread out and room for many creative hands and minds.

Within the building there are four classroom spaces:

The Upstairs Classroom

Upstairs Classroom Upstairs Classroom 2classes & workshops










The Fiber Studio

Fiber Studio 2 Fiber Studio 1 Fiber Studio 3

The Pottery Studio

Pottery Studio 1 Pottery Studio 2 Pottery Studio 3







Multipurpose Basement Classroom

Multipurpose ClassroomMultipurpose Classroom 3Multipurpose Classroom 2









If inspiration and knowledge is what you crave, the library is filled with hundreds of books and magazines full of ideas.